What Color of Wallpaper to Choose?

Posted On: July 10, 2017 - By admin

We always have many problems and questions while repairing works. What material and texture to choose? What are the most popular tendencies of design for today?
Today we are going to speak about walls decoration, namely about wallpaper and its color. Walls occupy the biggest territory of the room (office or hall). They are paid attention to at first and they create the whole design conception of the room, so you must choose wallpaper very carefully, as it is very important.
There is a great variety of wallpaper today, and it is very easy to go astray! At first, you should concentrate and think of the particular kind of wallpaper, you need and want, and only after that, go to the shop. It is almost impossible to make the right choice without you own idea and view.
We want you to pay attention to the most important characteristics of wallpaper: color, texture and picture. Let’s speak about each of them.
Color is probably the most important thing, so it must be chosen correctly. At first, have a look at the room itself, its size, lighting and its orientation to the sides of the world. Wallpaper of warm colors are suitable for the rooms oriented to the north, wallpaper of cold colors – for those, which are oriented to the south. It goes without saying, that you shouldn’t choose dark wallpaper for rooms with the lack of light. Speaking about small rooms, try to use wallpaper of light colors here, it makes the walls more lightweight. Wallpaper of saturated colors will accentuate the walls, make them high-grade design object.
You can choose texture and picture of wallpaper more freely, as there are no strict rules here. Remember that small pattern can visually enlarge space, large pattern will reduce it. Texture can be also different. Smooth and glossy texture of wallpaper will give the feeling of solemnity and even some official look, matte texture – coziness and warmth.







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