Repair in the Log House

Posted On: July 20, 2017 - By admin


Naturalness and healthy lifestyle are extremely fashionable today. We are not going to speak about sports, diets or design. We are going to speak about the houses made of natural material, wood (log houses). What can be more natural and healthy than to live in such a house? Log houses have some special atmosphere of calmness, coziness and authenticity.

Today there are many types of design of a log house and its arrangement is a really interesting task, though there are various peculiarities and details you must pay attention to. First of all this is the case when exterior and interior must constitute the single whole. The house made of quality wood, beautiful outside, should leave the same inside, with good furniture and nice design elements. If you want to have the log house of your dream, you must take this job with responsibility.

The most important elements of any living space are a floor, a ceiling, walls, doors, windows, interior finishing works and design. Speaking about a log house, it should be noticed, that wood itself is its main feature, so your task is to save the structure and natural beauty of wood in all mentioned elements. The only thing you can change is the color tone of wood, according to your taste and chosen type of design. The floor in such house can be covered with laminate or parquet or it can be left in its original state (wooden boards). The ceiling, as a rule, is made of wooden beams, which is usually left without changing.

Wood itself has its own beautiful and unique pattern, it decorates the interior. All you need is to grind it gently and varnish. Speaking about additional structures and elements, stone should be mentioned. This natural material will look appropriate in your log house; it will emphasize its naturalness and add some luxury. Build a fireplace, if you have such an opportunity. It will be the central part in your log house and set the tone for the entire design ensemble in your wonderful log house!

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