How to Equip a Workplace in the Office

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Work is an integral part of our life, which takes a lot of time and efforts. It is not very important where you work (at home or in office) in general, a working place should please the eye and shouldn’t cause harm to health. Besides, it must provide high efficiency of your labor.

Let’s start with the factors which influence our state of health in general.

Temperature – is a very important index, its optimal value is 22 degrees Celsius. This temperature is considered the most suitable for mental activity. That’s why it is great when there is a thermometer at the workplace (separately or combined with a clock, for example).

It is not a secret, that extraneous noise is very harmful to concentration of attention. To create quiet atmosphere, separate sections are made in the office. An ideal variant is to have your own cabinet.

Lighting is one of the principal moments for health and productive work. It is very good, when the light at you workplace consists of some natural lighting, a lamp on the ceiling or on the wall and a table lamp. A table lamp is a very important light source, so it must be of high quality and have an ability to change its position and direction of the light it gives.

An office chair should be soft (better with armrests). The height of a table should fit your height. If you work on a computer all the time, a table can be small. If your work includes writing, reading, drawing, etc., your working table must be bigger.

Speaking about colors, they can be different. Walls should be of light, calm colors (white, beige, soft yellow and soft pink). Bright colors are preferable for different details and cute little things (figurines, photo frames, pots for plants).

Decoration and plants are very important as a moral and aesthetic aspect. Beautiful decoration will improve your mood and different plants will create cozy atmosphere and freshen up your daily routine.

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